Quality [qual•i•ty] noun (business)

Definition from Wikipedia... quality of a product or service refers to the perception of the degree to which the product or service meets the customer's expectations. Quality has no specific meaning unless related to a specific function and/or object.

Not all customers define quality in the same terms. We understand that quality can be viewed as something tangible (i.e. certifications, traceability, documented process, repairs, calibrations, etc.) or something intangible (i.e. customer service, respect, integrity, being positive). We understand that when it comes to calibration providers not all companies are created equal. They may appear to be from first glance, but we realize that quality service is something that is more the perception of what you believe you are getting, or in some cases, what you're not getting.

We believe that through continuous quality improvements and the ongoing training of our staff can maintain a positive business relationship with our customers. We are committed to providing instrument support services of the highest quality to meet our customers' unique requirements.

Our goal is to establish a vendor/customer partnership which creates a positive business relationship, ensuring that all of our customers�€™ requirements are understood and met. Listening, understanding and communicating are major factors in providing the type of high quality, cost-saving services that we continuously strive for.

Quality Policy

It is the policy for Precision Measurements, Inc. to establish a vendor/customer partnership for a positive business relationship to ensure that our customer's requirements are understood and being met. All customers shall be served with impartiality, respect and integrity.

Precision Measurements, Inc. team has the goal of total customer satisfaction thru service, quality and added value. The quality policy shall be communicated, understood and implemented throughout all function and levels within our organization. The responsibility of quality starts with each and every employee of Precision Measurements, Inc.

We will continuously monitor the progress thru customer surveys and internal quality audits. Appropriate measures will be employed to ensure that the customer confidentially and proprietary rights are maintained at all times.

Management is in support of the above policy and will empower the appropriate personnel with the authority to ensure compliance.