Listening and working closely with our customers, we have developed a custom comprehensive internet web base calibration management database. Easy to use with no software installation or maintenance concerns.

We understand the importance of providing our customers with easy, direct information access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal was to design a system that is so user friendly, that it wouldn't intimidate or frustrate someone into not utilizing it. We believe PMI-Link has accomplished this. PMI-Link provides record keeping, recall and overdue reports, scheduling request and custom fields to better help our customer maintain control over their calibration program.

Our customers have access to PMI-Link at no cost, enabling them to manage information about their equipment to provide better control over their calibration program. Customers can allow access or limit access to additional users directly. It helps them manage who has access and to what level within their organization. Customers can manage all their equipment and track department, location and custodians. User define fields and custom drop down menus gives them more accuracy and consistency control of their information.

PMI-Link allows customers to inactivate, modify equipment information, view service history (calibration, repairs and 3rd party calibration services) create shipping documents, schedule pickups and field services, perform recall and overdue reports and transfer all information to an excel spread sheet with ease. PMI-Link maintains logs with the actual requests with dates, time and the identity of the user who is requesting information changes, field service requests, shipping documents and equipment pickups.